08 August 2010

Rescued Turtle

I can't tell you how many turtles find their way to Green Cay. Some walk right into the park, others plow under the fence, and quite a few come by car. That's right, people are always bringing us turtles. Usually this time of year it's females that are done or are on their way to nesting. But the last turtle that came through Green Cay's doors was actually found 2 years ago.

Somehow this little Penisula Cooter was found on a construction site in Palm Beach County. After living with a lovely family the father decided it was time to let it back out in the wild. So they packed the little guy up and signed him over to our care. We decided the best course of action would be to reunite this native turtle with the wetlands.

Usually once I put them on the soft sandy soil the turtles jet towards the water but this guy stayed tucked into his shell. So instead of some nearby predator waiting for me to leave I decided to place him a little bit closer to the water's edge.

It only took the turtle a quick minute to get its bearings and then it slid into the murky water. I am sure it will find a happy home at the Green Cay Wetlands.


Glen Webber (Wildlife Photography) said...

Great photos and awesome happy story about the turtle. Nice post!

Eva said...

Thanks! Turtles have always had a soft spot in my life.