09 August 2010

Louisiana Waterthrush Day

Not the best photos but the only ones I've ever had the chance to take. A few weekends ago I went to the Matheson Hammock Nature Tail in Miami-Dade County where some Louisiana Waterthrush were being seen. I had terrific luck and saw three individuals. One spent quite some time hopping around a puddle. It was hot, super humid, and dog owners often came down the path but it was the best time I've had seeing this species. Migration is here folks, I hope you're ready!


dandypantz said...

Really nice digiscoping!

Eva Matthews said...

I almost didn't put these up because they were so bad...but it was the best that could happen with the dark conditions.

I'm looking forward to our next bird outing...I'll call you up when I'm back in town...or sooner if I find some really good West Coast species. :)