18 August 2010

Loggerhead Marinelife Center

Recently my partner in all-things-crazy came for a visit to Palm Beach County. We spent most of the short weekend at the beach and checking out some drinking establishments but we did manage a stop at the Loggerhead Marinelife Center. It's a free, open to the public, sea turtle rehab center in Jupiter Beach, FL. It's a fun way to spend a hour and then walk across the street to one of my favorite beaches in the county. Check out some of the turtles and other goodies found at the facility.

A Slippery Dick Wrasse - Halichoeres bivittatus, among many other fish can be found in the small aquarium section of the Marinelife Center.

Nameplates tell you each turtle's condition and course of rehab. Andre here sustained two different boat propeller injuries.

Sea turtle hatchlings that do not make it out of the nest or are found stranded on the dunes are brought to the facility for a little head-starting program. A cooler oustide the facility is always open for people to drop off hatchlings that they find while walking the beach.

I really liked that they had a TED (Turtle Excluder Device) set up for visitors to see how this simple tool is used to help rescue turtles that become swept up in shrimp nets.

As always Hewy's visit brought many fun times and we even learned a little bit in the process. I am looking forward to the next trip together.

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