31 July 2009

Skywatch Friday: Bahia Honda State Park, FL

Photos by Amber Lovelace, taken off of Bahia Honda State Park, July 2009.

After a great two relaxing days in the Keys I feel more rushed than ever. I am marrying two of my closest friends this weekend in Orlando. Tonight I have to finish off the music playlist since I am also the DJ for the evening. After Orlando, I return home for a week of work and last minute planning for my West Coast trip. Finally on Saturday the 8th I will fly out for 16 days of roadtripping via cars, planes, and trains. It is going to be a roller coaster but for now I am just going to soak in the scenery of the Keys. For more great shots check out the other Skywatch Friday posts.


Amy said...

Lovely! I've seen Bahia Honda a couple of times on road trips to Key West. It looks like a great place, I hope I can spend some more time there someday.

Martha in PA said...

Great photos. You sure are busy!


3c said...

I was drawn to this blog from the Skywatch list by its title.

We have mullet near us. We look for them swimming just below the surface of the water and for a reason that has got lost into history now, the word always makes us laugh.

neonguy528 said...

A really great blog. I just finished my Bahia Honda blog. I have been here many times since 93, and it is always the best place to visit. I never get tired of it. Great job and all the best.

neonguy528 said...

A great blog. Very nice photo's. I found out that Bahia Honda State Park is the most visited place in all the Florida Keys. And if you are coming from the north, a great excuse (as if you need one) to drive the beautiful Seven Mile Bridge. All the best.