03 May 2009

Name Our Owl Contest

A couple of weeks ago Green Cay got their first education bird, a male Eastern Screech-owl. We are now having a naming contest! For those of you that frequent the park don't forget to stop by and drop a name in the box on the front desk and for those on the interwebs you can post your name in the comments and I will enter them. If you win we will mail you out an adoption packet for the owl.

To give you a little history on our new fellow, we know he is full grown and probably a few years old at most. He was rescued and taken to Busch Wildlife in Jupiter, FL after sustaining a car accident. His left wing has been amputated and he seems to be quite healthy. So far he's done very well eating the two medium mice that we feed him everyday except Sunday which is his fasting day. Now he will live the rest of his life at Green Cay where he will entertain thousands of school children and visitors each year. Please help us by naming our new animal ambassador!


Bird Advocate said...

He's a pretty thing. Name him Gibson, after the early movie cowboy Hoot Gibson.

Amy said...

What a sweetie. He looks sleepy. How about calling him Eso? Could help the kids remember his species. ;)