17 April 2009

Migration at Green Cay

All photos by Bill Kominsky, used with permission. Taken at Green Cay.

It's been a crazy week for me due to recuperating from my family's visit and suffering the loss of my laptop when someone decided to break into my home. Despite the violation to my personal space though the birds have tried to make it up to me. On Tuesday we had a great day of migration at Green Cay. The highlights included a gorgeous breeding plumage male Chestnut-sided Warbler, lots of Black-throated Blues, Northern Parulas, and Prairie Warblers. Also gracing our presence were Palms, Pines, Blackpolls, American Redstarts, Common Yellow-throat, Black-and-white, and a really great looking male Cape May. To top the day off I had a male and female Painted Bunting at the feeder. This weekend I'll be camping at Johnathon Dickinson State Park with some friends. Hopefully a little time outdoors will settle my spirits and offer up some more avian specialities.


Mike said...

Wow, Bill takes great shots!

So sorry to hear about your recent misfortune. Hopefully something unexpected and great will come along to balance things out.

island timer said...

Birds abound!
You'll love JD Park.
The REAL Florida!