22 April 2009

Bees in the Box

Photo taken by Bill Kominksy, used with permission.

Some of you may remember the Eastern Screech-Owl that I reported back in February. Well the owls have been absent for the past week and a half and yesterday I noticed bees swarming around the entrance. That could only mean that the nest was abandoned and that a hive must be inside. So today we trekked out to the island with a ladder and took the front of the box off to discover this:

A nice size European Honeybee hive is found inside. We know it's not the Africanized Bees due to the lack of aggression during this removal process. Despite the bees friendly behavior we are calling in the experts to come and help us remove the hive. They should be here today or tomorrow. It's too bad the owls didn't successfully nest this year. I hope that they come back. Does anyone know the likelihood that they will return?

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