10 March 2009

Migration has started!

Photos taken by Bill Kominsky at Green Cay, used with permission.

Sure, a Northern Parula can be seen in winter in South Florida but add that plus a Northern Waterthrush and four more species of warblers together and you have the first evidence of migration here at Green Cay. We usually have 2-4 species of warblers around all winter but once we pass that number I always feel like migration has started. The birders down in Miami seem to think the same, posting reports of increased numbers of birds being seen especially parulas. I love the migration season and hopefully this year I will fill in a few gaps. I only have a couple of warblers left on my east coast list that I need to pick up and maybe this will be the season.


island timer said...

This Bill Kominsky fellow needs to give me some photography lessons, LOL! WOW what beautiful captures!

Check this out:


Here in Stuart we're picking up a LOT of early morning chatter and little feathered friends scittering about all day.

Shelly said...

Great to hear! Send them my way :)

dAwN said...

Howdee Eva.
we just left Florida and are now in Georgia...
but before we left the northern parulas were singing all over the place! hope you see all your warblers!

Carol said...

I have seen these in our trees..but they never sit still long enough for me to get a picture...great job...I wont give up. I can hear their songs in the tree tops.