27 January 2009

Red-bellied babies

If you click on the photo above you'll see those little downy feathers sticking out of this Red-bellied Woodpecker nest. You can find the nest on the one mile trail at Green Cay. It's on the northeastern side of the Chickee hammock.

I've been watching the woodpeckers all this fall excavate the hole. And sure enough, we have a succesfull nest now. You can often hear both the parents being very vocal on the island. And if you're lucky, you may even catch one returning back to the nest.


dAwN said...

Oh my...when we visited they were just little eggies...
How exciting.

On my last Green Cay post...I mentioned a duck and took a photo of it...it is the next to last photo of the post...do you know what it is?


Eva said...

Blogger ate my response! I'm responding on your post.

yen said...

what species is the woodpecker, love to see more of this woodpecker, let us know when you have new post/update of this fella.