25 January 2009

Hootie Claus

For our holiday work party BBQ we had a few competitions including best festive table top. My friend Mo designed the winning prize with her Hootie Claus table top decoration. It's a little Screech Owl being pulled by a host of wetland animals. Take a closer look at her little education owl.

Green Cay is supposed to be getting our first educational bird later this month. I think we're slated for a rehabbed screech owl like Hootie. I doubt he will be as friendly as Hootie since Hootie was raised by people as a pet until his owners couldn't take care of him any longer. Now he lives his days at the Okeeheelee Nature Center where he's used for numerous birds of prey programs. It's really sad that we think we can keep any animal as a pet even if they're wild. But with birds like Hootie a tragic story can be turned into a perfect educational opportunity to reach thousands of people.


Anonymous said...

1. We are in you area tomorrow.
2. are you on facebook?

kim said...

Heeheehee, he's so cute! I like owls. :)

Regina said...

That may be the cutest little think I've ever seen. I forget how little they are. You know my affinity for the owls.

Eva said...

Hootie is super cute! Maybe when you visit next time you'll be able to see our new little owl...that is if we ever get one!