27 August 2007

In the land of dogs

For the next week I will be dogsitting two beautiful Vizslas on Singer Island. Prior to this job I have never even heard of such a breed. They are really low key dogs in the house but they have a lot of energy when on their walks. I've been with them for the past couple of days and we are getting along well.

This is Bella on her favorite chair. They have a huge window that they stand guard by all during the day. When I get home I can see both of them over the furniture wagging their tails.

This is Bo waiting for me to give him a treat. Hanging out with these two make me miss my dog Boo.

The best part of this job is not only do I have a pool in the backyard but I also have a beautiful view. The sun sets right behind those tall buildings and the intercoastal is always reflecting back the colorful sky. I usually sit in one of these chairs after my afternoon swim and watch Bella hunt off the dock.

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