22 August 2007

At the city park

Savannah, Georgia has to be one of my all time favorite places to go. I think it's a combination of the beautiful squares, cobblestone roads, liberal drinking policy, and all my memories there with various friends. I've spent many hours wandering up and down the busy streets, sometimes even sober. When Hewy and I hit the city we were ready for a weekend full of adventure and Savannah delivered as always.

We started off by hitting Forsyth Park were Hewy was playing in an ultimate frisbee tournament. As she ran and dove around the field I spent my time walking downtown and around the park. The usual city birds were out, rock pigeons, cardinals, brown thrashers, and mockingbirds. After an all day outside fest we met up with our host Cindy from couchsurfing, which is an online community of travelers that provide couches to other travelers. After a little cleaning up we hit the town for some fun with a few new friends. The night ended at the best pizza place in Georgia, Vinnie's.

Day two in Savannah started much like the first, back in Forsyth Park. I decided to get over my baby phobia and held this little cutie during the ultimate game. I've decided that I don't dislike babies; rather I only like the good ones. Parker was the ultimate good baby, he never cried, he always smiled, and he was generally very chill.

Before leaving town I spotted a rare bird in the park. She even laid a shiny multi-colored egg on top of a Nalgene bottle. Now that's a bird with some skills!

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Floridacracker said...

Hey thanks for visiting PureFlorida!
I love Savannah too ... lived there for about 4 years and it felt much like home, which was St. Augustine.