10 July 2007

Green Cay

For those who don't know, I work at Green Cay Nature Center in Palm Beach County. It's a fun job where I have the opportunity to not only teach kids about wetlands and wildlife but I also have the chance to pursue little side projects. My favorite, of course, is the weekly bird counts. If you're interested in seeing some species totals than check out the bird count page.

We have 12 species of birds that nest here:
black-necked stilts
purple gallinules
purple martins
common moorhens
mottled ducks
red-winged blackbirds
red-bellied woodpeckers
green herons
brown thrashers
pied-billed grebes

And today I found the first common nighthawk nest here, so that makes 13. I was out with my college intern doing some tree frog research when we startled the female. She performed a broken wing display and we searched around for some eggs to no avail. So we followed her and she circled back to the area. I may have another look around tomorrow.

Here’s a picture of my favorite wetland juvenile, the pied-billed grebe.

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