16 December 2015

Ukulele Plucking

After a few short weeks of being in Maine I bought a ukulele.  A month later, I was performing in my first concert with the Puffin Pluckers. This ragtag group of volunteers and staff that all share two things in common - a love for Hog Island and a good time. We strummed, we sang, we had performances on a boat, in a dining hall, and in the Fish House.  The set list was upbeat and the audience was forgiving.

Hog Island isn't my first time living on a remote island a stone's throw off the coast.  Jekyll Island in Georgia will always be my first island living but Hog Island has wiggled its way into my heart and I must admit, I'm looking forward to more ukulele, more singing, and more fun times to be had on the Maine Coast. 

If you're interested in learning more about our education programs or want to sign up for camp, check out our website: hogisland.audubon.org.  

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