14 December 2015

South Carolina Flood

Our farm is one of those special places where I always feel at home and I can't wait to visit every year.  For the past decade on MLK Day weekend, my friends and I have been spending our time at our river house which sits on the normally quiet Black River in South Carolina.  This past year something drastic happened when a rain system dumped a wall of water over the Lowcountry of South Carolina.  

Black River flooded higher than it's 500 year mark and our house, that sits a good 12 feet off the ground, was found with 2 feet of water in it pretty quickly. Luckily, my dad was home and managed to get all the cars, the boats, the electronics, and some other items out of the house before they were destryoed.  The bad news is that the home is now gutted and empty.  A shell of our former fun memories linger.

It's hard to say when we'll have enough money to fix the house but it will happen eventually.  At least I hope that it happens before it becomes run down.  For now we just have to wait, let it dry, and try to plan for the future. The old farm house didn't even come close to flooding and for now, it's the new place to stay when visiting.  Even though I know we were lucky, I'm still sad to know that the water took something away from us that we may not get back.

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austin girl said...

Damn that really sucks..