09 March 2015

Cows in the Snow

I have a love for cows, especially the black and white variety that remind me of my childhood.  My grandfather let us name the new calves each summer and help feed them by tossing them watermelon rinds off the back of the pickup truck.  Now that I am in upstate New York I expected to see cows more often but it's been so cold that I think many have been shut away in the barns.  On this bright and sunny day the cows were out and my heart stopped when I saw this young black and white beauty against the barn.

Cows always seem to be curious in our actions.  They pause and watch us full-on.  There's no sideways glancing or feigned interest.  They turn their bodies and heads and look at you.  Usually after awhile they go back to feeding or walking or chewing their cud but it's that moment when you and a cow lock eyes that always speaks to me.  Did I mention that I love cows?

On this almost balmy winter day I was happy to share some moments with the local cattle.  Size each other up and make mental notes.  I know the cows don't nearly care as much about me as I care about them.  No cow-blogging going on about the human in the blue CR-V staring down the field of cows.  But it's a shared moment with another animal and I enjoy those.

Thanks black-and-white cows for sharing space, locking eyes, and making me remember my sweet childhood riding in the back of that beat up Ford pickup.  My summers were spent riding in truck beds, fishing with cane poles, and feeding cows.  I think it made me a better person. For sure, it made me stop and appreciate the every day.

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