20 February 2015

When Will Winter End

The temperatures never hit double digits and so my GBBC weekend had birding attempts but mostly misses. Luckily I had a dear friend, Hewy, to keep me company on this freezing weekend. 

We searched the snowy fields for Snowy Owl, we attempted 2 trips to see Short-eared Owls but all our owl chasing was hindered by blinding snow and slippery roads. 

We did successfully find Hewy a lifer Tundra Swan and Redhead. We also had a nice walk around the pond in Sapsucker Woods. Despite our losses we still drank celebratory beers and warmed up inside for most of Sunday. I wish I had more birds and better weather but there's always next time!

This was my first full week of no new year birds.  Hopefully something that doesn't become a regular occurrence.  I'm going to venture out this weekend if the snows aren't too much and look for interesting birds in the remaining non-frozen water.  Even the pond at the Lab of O. was no bigger than a swimming pool by week's end. 

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