09 February 2015

Hog's Hole

View from Hog's Hole
Hog's Hole is a wetland area and shoreline area in Alan H Treman State Marine Park on Cayuga Lake, in Ithaca, New York.  I've spent some time there scanning the rafts of Redheads and scaups looking for a Tufted Duck.  Without a scope it was like looking for a needle in the haystack and unfortunately, I struck out three times.  

Hog's Hole is such an interesting name and I learned from some internet sleuthing that it was named for a transient man named Hoggie that once camped out in that area.  Ithaca has a fairly infamous homeless population with multiple encampments around the city known today as The Jungle, The Jungle II and even The Jungle III.  I like birding but I also like learning about the history of the area.  Every place I've lived as been so different and interesting.  I look forward to learning more and hopefully picking up some good birds in the process.

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