14 November 2014

Life in the Foothills

In October we were given an opportunity to house/cat-sit up in the Foothills overlooking Fort Collins.  As we settled into our temporary Bingham Hill residence I noticed a few patterns.  One were the deer, a cute little family of three that would often show up around dusk to feed around the back deck.

Despite coming in to feed near the house, even in the courtyard, they were still skittish and would keep their distance.  I like it when deer are like that, friendly but not so use to humans. It also means the permanent residents of this home don't feed the wildlife and truly do keep wildlife wild.  

The sunsets and sunrises were beautiful, the sparrows plentiful, the deer photogenic, and the views went for days but I must admit, it's nice to be home.  I live down  there somewhere under that light pink sky.  It's not as scenic as the foothills but it's nearly perfect with it's plentiful bookcases, un-made bed, and dog hair.

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