03 September 2014

Cache la Poudre

The Cache La Poudre is a beautiful sight and luckily we live even closer to it now.  On Saturday we took an afternoon swim at Picnic Rock and on Sunday we drove down the canyon and made a brief stop at the Ouzel Picnic area to walk the pups by the banks.  

Emily walked up on a snake by the bank, while I scanned the rocks for a Dipper.  We didn't stay long but our brief stay was made better for the calming sounds and smells of a mountain river.

As we walked the little public trail by the parking lot we came upon a makeshift memorial.  After a little inspection we realized it was made for the two young people that died this spring in the river.  We were coming back from the Western Slope this Memorial Day when we saw the steady stream of emergency vehicles.  A young boy fell in the river while fishing and his young uncle jumped in after to save him but neither made it.  The river gives and it takes. 

We were certainly given many gifts this weekend by the Cache La Poudre. I miss the ocean, the steady waves, the salt air, the breeze but a walk by the Poudre is close to recreating this experience.  I love the chill in the air, the crispness, the sounds of the river, and of course the beauty that abounds all around the banks.  

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