11 March 2014

Cemetery Birding

I've been hearing about these hybrid Snow Goose/Canada Goose or Snow Goose/Cackling Goose hybrids but I haven't seen one until now.  We were in Denver near Lutheran Hospital and needed to kill a bit of time so we drove through the cemetery.  In the mix of white-cheeked geese was a manky looking goose.  It was a by my estimates a Snow Goose/Cackling Goose.  There were both Canada and Cacklings in the nearby vicinity that offered great comparison and the Snow Goose seemed closer in size to the Cacklings.

Also in the graveyard were many Black-billed Magpie Jays and American Robins.  Also mixed in were European Starlings and a friendly Northern Flicker.

Cemeteries are a great place to birdwatch.  With the use of a car, you are given an excellent bird blind and photos are easily captured.  You can easily walk around and use the roads as paths.  I really enjoy cemetery birding and find the places to be filled with wildlife and a feeling of reverence.

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