15 January 2014

Sharp Point Drive White-Cheeks

Sharp Point Drive off of Prospect in Fort Collins, CO has a series of ponds easy viewed from the sidewalk.  We dropped by in the early part of the year and saw a variety of ducks and geese.  The pond on January 3rd was peaceful and fully of Mallards, Widgeons, and a few Pintails and Goldeneyes.  The flock of white-cheeked geese were mostly Cackling but a fair representation of Canada Geese were also mixed in.  Above you can see the size difference between a Cackling Goose in the foreground and a Canada Goose right behind it.

A few days later, the temperatures dipped in the single digits.  We went back out to see how the flock was managing and they were keeping a tight pack.  The Cackling/Canada Geese were huddled on the edges of the open water.  The number of duck species had dwindled but one Common Merganser was seen and a few American Widgeon were present.  As the grey sky turned to darkness, more geese were flying in but we decided our birding time was complete.

We'll be back to check out these ponds throughout the year.  I'm excited to see what may show up!  If you're in Fort Collins, it's a short stop off I-25 and very close to Edora Park.  It's definitely one of my top spots in Fort Collins.

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