18 December 2013

Ocean View

One of the worst problems with air travel is the risk of getting bumped or a flight being grounded which can just throw a big monkey wrench in your fun vacation or quick weekend trip.  On our recent trip home to South Carolina I knew the weather was a little funky but I had hope if we just made it to Charlotte, somehow we would make it the rest of the way.  Sure enough, our connecting flight never made it but the good news was that they were able to rebook us 30 minutes later on a trip to Myrtle Beach!  Plans diverted, my family changed course and picked us up at our new destination.  And of course we went straight to the beach.  This is one time that I am glad we had an interruption, otherwise we never would have seen the ocean!  

I really am enjoying Colorado life but it's the first time I've lived really far from the beach.  Definitely, I think I've taken it for granted.  Look at that photo Emily snapped above of the Atlantic Ocean on an otherwise dreary beach day, but to two travelers from Colorado, it was simply amazing.

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