03 November 2013

Guan Time

As the Autumn days turn colder and I feel even more removed from tropical Florida, I thought I would bring back a little of the humidity with some Guan time.  The Crested Guan above was seen from a couple of feet away on our recent Costa Rican trip this past spring.

The Crested Guan is an arboreal forest bird that is commonly seen at the Arenal Observatory in Costa Rica.  We saw it on our daily walks around the property.  Often whole social flocks were seen in the largest of trees.  They could surprisingly hide in the canopy despite their large size. But their vocalizations would give them away, so with a little looking we found them every time.

Oh Crested Guans, I'm happy to think about you today on a cold afternoon in Colorado.  I hope to see you again one of these days. 

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