22 November 2013

Going Home

Above is my family at Thanksgiving last year.  I know we won't all be able to break bread together on Thursday but I will see everyone, stay on the farm, and spend some time with my family over the course of an extra-long weekend.  I am beyond excited!  

Home is where the light streams through the pine trees.  Home is where Black River snakes through the Lowcountry.  Home is where the food is home-cooked and every ounce comes with mom's love.  Home is Great Horned-owls calling at night, deer in the corn fields, and Wood Ducks on the river.  Home is sandy soil and red clay mud.  Home is where my family lives and has lived for generations and generations.  Home is a beautiful piece of South Carolina where my family comes together at Thanksgiving each year to give thanks.  

I don't live in South Carolina but that doesn't mean it's not home to me.  On Tuesday, I'm heading home and I can't wait!  There's nothing better than going home.  I know I won't be moving back anytime soon but I can visit, I can remember, and I can feel at home when I'm there.

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