07 November 2013

Book Review: The Kingdom of Fungi

The Kingdom of Fungi, Jens H. Petersen, Princeton University Press, 2013

The Kingdom of Fungi by Jens H. Peterson will take you into a intimate visual inspection of the fungi world.  At first glance, it's a coffee table size book with full spread color photos of some of the most unique and stunning mushrooms in the world but if you give it more than a glance you will find it an easy to read primer on the hidden kingdom of fungi. 
The book layout is simple with an introduction that is thorough and has fun charts and shots of micro and macro photos. Next is an overview of each type of fungi group.  The real beauty is that each page is rich with colors that draw the reader in while the text is short but to the point.  The writer clearly sees the power of photos and keeps each page interesting with a variety of angles and views of the fungi kingdom. 
My favorite parts are at the back in sections titles "Where fungi grow..." and "Why we need fungi..."  These two sections correlate this hidden world to every person on the planet.  By first allowing us to admire this fascinating world, the last section is a plea for us each to do our part and protect the future.  I find the rallying cry not only necessary but done in a convincing manner. 
Overall The Kingdom of Fungi is a perfect book for any nature enthusiast.  Consider picking up  a copy for your child, a fellow nature nerd, or even just spread the love of fungus to anyone you think may find the mysterious interesting.  I highly recommend adding this one to your collection if you are a fun-guy.  

Sorry, I couldn't help myself.

This review copy was provided by Princeton University Press.

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