28 October 2013

Leaf Peeping the Poudre

One of the best parts about moving to Colorado is the change of seasons.  In Florida, there is summer and spring, and if we were lucky, we had a couple of weeks of "winter."  But here in Colorado, it's been a beautiful autumn full of cool nights, warm days, and leave a'changing!

Emily and I decided to check out the colors up the Poudre River Canyon a couple of weeks ago and we found it at peek yellow.  The riverbanks were golden and the rocky cliffs and evergreen trees provided a nice contrast.

This was right before the government shutdown ended so many of our favorite spots were closed but it didn't stop people from parking at the gates and walking in.  It was a great way to visit some spots that are usually over-crowded with campers. 

We encountered fishermen, families, and couples like ourselves with our pooches.  Unlike most, we kept Daisy on a leash to make sure she stayed out of trouble.  

Autumn so far is proving to be pretty magical in Colorado.  I can't wait to see what all the seasons have in store for me to experience.

When we got back into Fort Collins, the scenery continued to pop with yellows.  The city is full of trees and they are all turning right now.  The one little detail I haven't had to deal with in over a decade is what to do with all the leaves.  I have a yard full and I'm not quite sure where to put them all but they are beautiful.  Any experienced people out there, please tell a former South Florida resident how to dispose of those beautiful leaves after they have run the course.  I am not ashamed to admit I don't have much of a clue about leaves or snow or ice.  I guess that's what happens when you take a Southeastern beach girl and put her near the Rocky Mountains.

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