16 October 2013

Daisy Dog

Daisy is a sweet name and we are so lucky to have such a sweet pup.  She has a little tick-tock tail, just a stub but it shows so much joy.  Her muscled body allows her to jump to fairly decent heights and she runs circles in the backyard like its her job.  On her morning walk by Troutman Park, she pulls me towards Horsetooth Mountain with vigor but with a firm call, she looks at my shyly and slows down.  Her favorite place to be is Grand Lake, where at the cabin she roams the flowery meadows, runs full-speed down the dirt loop road, and jumps in the nearby stream.  She's a handful at times, as most shelter pups can be but I can't imagine life without her now.  Daisy, you are the sweetest flower.

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