09 October 2013

Horsetooth Mountain Birthday

For Daisy's 8th birthday, I took the day off of work and we hit the Horsetooth Mountain Falls Hike on a early Monday morning.  This little shelter pup was only adopted earlier this summer so I felt she needed a fun day to help celebrate.  The photo above may look like a complacent furball but she had a good hike, waded in the waterfall pool, and slept hard on the way home in the car.

Horsetooth Mountain Park trailhead has a couple of options, the Falls Trail or the Mountain trail.  We took the easier, more gentle one to the falls.  Round-trip it was 2-3 hours long.  The path went up and down and up and around the gentle foothills outside of Fort Collins.  After the first turn from the trailhead the rest of the trip was without human disturbances on the landscape.

There is a web of trails in Horsetooth Mountain Park and you can travel from this park to Lory State Park if you continue down the web.

After a pleasant morning on the trail, the sun broke free and it warmed up.  Daisy and I were pretty thirsty on our return and I was happy to find a water fountain that meets all needs: kids, adults, and dogs.  I'll be back to Horsetooth Mountain and maybe Daisy and I will make this an annual celebration!

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