20 March 2013

Education Birds

The Crossley ID Guide Blog Tour continues today with a great post about Raptors as Education Ambassadors.  I am lucky enough at my nature center to have two education raptors.  In case you haven't met my little friends I thought I would share a few recent photos.

Bobby Falco is an American Kestrel and has been in captivity for over 12 years.  The first ten years was spent at Okeeheelee Nature Center and for the past 2 years he has been with me at Green Cay Nature Center.  He's a high strung, active bird but handles really well.  Unfortunately his feet are not in the best of shape and he doesn't have full flight so he became an education bird.  Now he delights visitors and school children at the nature center.

Our newest education bird is Olliver Jr.  For those that know, Oliver One died this past year at the vet's office.  It's taken a little while but we have a replacement.  He's new at being handled on the glove and so far is doing okay but doesn't have complete trust in his new human companions.  I hope to have Ollie Jr. out on display at the nature center in the coming months.  Until then he will continue to train with staff and volunteers until he settles down.  Olliver Two has partial flight but couldn't be released.  We're happy to have him as part of our education team.

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Holly said...

Can't wait to meet Oliver II!