09 January 2013

Nemesis Bird: Yellow-breasted Chat, plus a Bobcat or three

Everyone has a nemesis bird, one that alludes you no mater how many times you seek it out.  I've been looking for a Yellow-breasted Chat for a few years now.  Many days have been spent searching for one at Lucky Hammock but this chunky skulker has escaped me again and again.  

Imagine my surprise today when I heard a chat was spotted from the front entranceway boardwalk at my work.  I rushed out and looked around.  Within 10 minutes I had my bird.  There it was in a Saw-toothed Palmetto, out in the open at eye level only 15 feet from the boardwalk.

Green Cay Nature Center is a special place and I am lucky to work there.  Even more lucky to find such a great bird to start my 2013 off right!  After the chat dipped back down in the vegetation I turned my head and there was mother Bobcat slinking from the opposite direction.  She stopped and looked in our direction.  Her two kittens followed her out and gave us a quick glimpse.

Two great wildlife sightings in a matter of minutes!  Thanks goes to Anita Holland and Linda Fell who helped my find the Yellow-breasted Chat.  Special thanks to Linda for emailing all these great photos from our time together on the boardwalk.

A LaSagra's Flycatcher has been hanging out in the Green Cay parking lot this week but it wasn't spotted this morning.  I was so elated about the chat that I wasn't even disappointed in missing it.  I may be the only birder in Palm Beach County that would rather catch a nemesis bird like the chat than a rare stray.  Good birding everyone!  

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dAwN said...

Congrats! Awesome sightings!