16 January 2013

Carolina Dreaming

One of my favorite things about South Carolina in November is the crunch of leaves and the brisk feel of autumn in the air.  Maybe it's my 6 years living in South Florida but I sure do miss seasons, desperately.  So you can imagine how excited I am to go home every November and visit my family and enjoy the turn of leaves, the jackets and layers, and the feel of a chapter closing, another year starting.  

I wrote about my family time earlier on this blog but I forgot about these photos until today.  How I long to go back to Thanksgiving weekend on the farm, with the splashes of green, yellow, and brown.  The trees were literally dropping with Yellow-rumped Warblers.  For every Ruby-crowned Kinglet and Dark-eyed Junco, I must have seen 10 Myrtles.  

It's fitting that I am missing South Carolina because this weekend I am returning for the annual MLK celebration on the farm.  This year we have a nice crowd of at least a dozen people spending their time at our place.  South Florida, Wisconsin, Michigan, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, and South Carolina will be representing with a collective of friends.  I doubt I'll get as much birding in this time around but I know it will be more than fun.

But for now, I am going to think about the sun-soaked roads, the lush green as it holds on for one more day before giving in to time.  I am going to remember American Robins feeding on the ground, Pileated Woodpeckers swooping between Cypress trees, and the chatter of Eastern Bluebirds on the light lines.

When I dream of South Carolina, I remember fondly destroying sleeping Fire Ant beds with one quick flick of the hand.  A hand full of ants and dirt, and then a swarming bed of activity.  Those days are not long gone.  I often inspect the Fire Ants when I'm home.

Back in November, Emily and I walked the farm with Picabo.  We birded, we played, we explored.  I am looking forward to doing it all again this weekend.  

Except this time, I'm bringing a dozen hooligans with me, fireworks, and new adventures. Wish us luck in taking a few minutes to enjoy the colors and the birds, I know it's bound to happen.  With such a serene and beautiful landscape, a love of my family's farm, and the chill in the air, you better believe I'll be outside living it up this weekend!

Happy MLK weekend to you all!  Enjoy your freedom, your time, and your family & friends.

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