22 December 2012

A Birders Wishlist

For this holiday season I thought I would share some of my favorite items that I use in my outdoor and birding pursuits.  I don't get any type of compensation in this endorsement, just thought I would share some of the best of the best (in my opinion) and maybe help inspire you with any last minutes gift purchases you may have for those adventurous souls.

The pStyle.  If you're an outdoorsy lady then you should have this item.  I bought one for my mom for mother's day this year and she has put it to good use.  Mine was a gift from last holiday season and it's one of my most treasured camping and birding companionments.

Looking for a book for that fellow birding pal.  Look no further because everyone should own a copy of The Crossley ID Guide.  It's a great coffee table book or one that you may use for further ID study.  I loved using it this year to pick up on small ID tidbits and the photos are stunning.

Swarovski Opitk has some killer binoculars and scopes.  I use the CL Companions and would highly recommend them to any traveler, birder, or avid wildlife enthusiast.  The small compact size allows you to carry them anywhere without creating a heavy load and the price is less than a pair of ELs.

This holiday season you should keep your feet dry and ready for the trails.  I love Merrell shoes and Chameleon Ventilator Goretex is one of my favorites.  I have had a couple of pairs but they will last the long-haul.  Try them next time you want a low hiking boot that is fit for rugged trails, urban parks, and tough terrain.  I especially like how they keep your feet feeling dry.

Now that you have the best shoes out there you should be wearing the best socks.  I have been a long-time fan of Smartwool and continue to wear them everyday.  Some of my Smartwools are almost 10 years old and they are still kicking it.  Pick up a pair at your local outdoor store or you sometimes can find them discounted online.

I love camping in my local parks and I've done more car camping recently since I've moved to Florida.  Maybe it's the perks of car camping that has caused this next item to be one of my favorite new camping accessories but I must say, I do enjoy the luxury of Coleman's Double-high Air Bed.  It's like sleeping on a pillow and there's not crawling around on the bottom of the tent with the tracked in dirt and dew on the ground.  If you're ready for hardcore car camping, get this item.  You will not regret it!

The American Birding Association is a great organization for birders to join.  I really find the magazines informative and the social media presence rivals any organization I've seen.  I love the open dialog online and the ABA blog.  You should consider joining today!

And of course, you should donate to your local park or nature center.  I already gave my yearly giving to the non-profit partner at my nature center, The Friends of Green Cay Nature Center, Inc.  They give scholarships to the local high school students, provide materials to operate and run the nature center, and also provide meaningful festivals and events for the South Florida region.  Donate to your local park or to mine! 

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