16 July 2012

Sloth Times

All around Canopy Tower there were sloths to watch.  Most would sleep, some would scratch, some would even climb from one limb to another.

During rain showers, the sloths would tuck and hide.  The poor little wet sloths were so sad to watch in the rain.  They looked so miserable in the rain, drenched and tired.

But on sunny days the sloth would move and climb and this one even reached far out for a bite to eat.  It was great watching the sloths at Canopy Tower.  I have always wanted to see one of these little furry beasts and now I can say that I've seen them in all modes, except for crawling across a road but you can Youtube that if you want to see the saddest and most horrifying thing ever.  Sloths and roads should never go together.  They belong in the canopy, free to eat, climb, and hide from the rain.

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