12 July 2012

Canopy Tower Birding

Now that you've seen the tower from the inside out, let's take a look at the birds.  Let me just say, every day was filled with colorful, beautiful birds.  Each day you wake to Collared Aracaris and Keel-billed Toucans flying from tree to tree.  Then you have a great breakfast before meeting one of the guides for a morning of birding.

If you're lucky you see things like Crane Hawk (above) or an army ant swarm will cross the path and things like Bicolored Antbird (below) and Oscellated Antbirds will fly about.  The birds in Panama seemed to have little fear of humans, instead they went about their business as if you were barely there.  

When you think of birding in the Neotropics visions of toucans, motmots, and antbirds abound.  At the Canopy Tower you will be given all of these and more.  Plus, you have some of the best guides ever to guide you down the trails and around the area.  Thank you to Eliecer, Carlos, and Alex for the great birding adventures.  

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