10 July 2012

Birdmobile Birding

The view from the top of Canopy Tower is pretty incredible but it doesn't stop there.  Once you go on your first trip with a guide in one of the Tower's modified vehicles you find that birding is even great from the road.  

Canopy Tower has two great vehicles for birding, the Birdmobile and the Rainfomobile.  Both give you unrestricted access to a 360 degree view while traveling down the road.  One of the best birds of our trip was seen right outside the gates of Canopy Tower.  Our group watched a family of Great Tinamou scamper through the forest.  If we had been inside a van, we would've missed the family. 

Other great lifers were also seen from the back of the trucks.  We had Southern Lapwings in Gamboa from the back of the Rainfomobile.  They were walking across the soccer field.  A quick reverse and our whole group were able to see them.

On our last day of birding at the Tower we were on our way to Ammo Ponds and from the top of the Birdmobile we spotted our lifer Gray-headed Kite below (that's a juvenile in case you wondered).  

The Canopy Tower offers world class birding.  From the Observation Deck to the Birdmobiles we were given the best opportunities at seeing birds.  Come back tomorrow to see the living quarters.

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