21 May 2012

FL Keys Birding

I've shared the story of the Bobolinks EmilyLark and I found in the Keys but I almost forgot to show you the rest of the migrants that we happened upon at Founder's Park and then later at Fort Zachary Taylor Historic State Park in Key West. The Keys were full of American Redstarts everywhere we went.  But some less seen migrants were also found like the Blue Grosbeak below. 

Blackpoll Warblers were also found in high numbers.  We found them literally everywhere.  The one above was dangling from the prop roots of a Strangler Fig. After birding Founder's Park in the lower Keys we decided we would head down U.S. 1 and eat lunch in Key West.  

Before a delicious lunch at The Cafe, a block off of Duval St., we went to Fort Zachary for a few more migrants. We were rewarded with plenty of birds including the Dickcissel above and the Prothonotary Warbler below, both seen in one sweep of the binoculars.  We also found a Swainson's Thrush under the nearby brush.  In a large tree by the bathroom we found a Scissor-tailed Flycatcher and we heard a nearby Gray Kingbird calling from the wires.  In just a couple of days, a mini-fallout occurred at Fort Zachary that we would miss but I wasn't complaining, the birding in the Keys seems always to be good.

If you haven't birded the Keys in spring then you're missing out.  I highly suggest a little trip south in April, it will be one you won't forget!

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