11 May 2012

Bobolinks in the FL Keys

EmilyLark and I went birding in the Keys recently.  We went to chase a Black-billed Cuckoo which would be a lifer for both of us but alas we didn't find it.  Instead we found many warblers, orioles, Indigo Buntings, and a Blue Grosbeak which I will share photos of soon.  The highlight of little Founder's Park was seeing not one but multiple Bobolinks.  This may not be super interesting to everyone but down here in South Florida we don't see many Bobolinks so it was pretty special to show Emily her first.  

In the first baseball field adjacent to Founder's Park was one lone male Bobolink.  It flew away when I approached closer so I gave it some distance and told a nearby birder of our find.

The birder came back later to say he found more in the next field over so we checked it out and found a male and female feeding in the outfield grass.  I took photos through the fence and the bird couple didn't seem to notice.  They moved all around feeding here and there and eventually moved to the middle of the field where we left the two alone.  It was a great experience and made the day even better.  You never know what you're going to find in the FL Keys during migration. 

Here's our little pair feeding in the baseball outfield.  I liked how they crossed paths over and over, eventually making it across the field.  I hope they bulked up and made a safe migration. 

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