31 May 2012

Bird A Day: White-tailed Kites

The Bird A Day challenge continues and while I used some nice northern birds on my recent trip to North Carolina, I still have work to do here in Florida.  On Tuesday, Andy and I drove out to Everglades National Park in a search to find a White-tailed Kite.  We both had numerous times tried for this bird during the winter with no luck but Research Road was kind to us this week and delivered TWO White-tailed Kites in one snag.  We had killer looks and watched the pair move only once to a different tree.  The lower kite in the photo above has a prey item that it was busy eating. 

We left after fullfilling looks and enjoyed the numerous Eastern Meadowlark on the drive out.  We also found Swallow-tailed Kites and Eastern Bluebird on Research Road before leaving.  The evening was topped off in Homestead with sightings of Gray Kingbird, Eastern Kingbird, and Common Myna.

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Vincent Lucas said...

Awesome! I need to go over there and get this bird for "MY" Bird-A-Day! Hope they stick around . . . .