30 April 2012

Taking Mom to the Waterfalls

My mother is one of my biggest supporters, a dear friend, and someone whom I love very much.  So when I invited her to join Emily and I in Puerto Rico this year I was delighted when she said yes.  Of course I was a little apprehensive of her hiking but I had faith that she could get down the mountain and enjoy the waterfalls.

My mom was in a car accident a couple of years ago that has left her with a few nuts, bolts, and a metal plate which restricts her foot mobility but she navigated the switch backs with her trusty cane.  I thought she was quite inventive and I'm glad to say didn't suffer any injuries on the way up or down.

It was great to travel with my mom and I'm proud that she made it down to the falls.  It's always nice when you can share a beautiful place with someone you care for and admire.  Mom, you're my hero.  Thanks for being a great travel companion. 

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