23 April 2012

Puerto Rican Spindalis

From our balcony we had splendid views of many of the Puerto Rican endemics.  I was very lucky to take a few shots between a parent and young Puerto Rican Spindalis.  The parent bird caught some sort of insect and offered it to its young.  In the photo below you can see the exchange.

The Puerto Rican Spindalis is a striking bird and considered by many Puerto Ricans as their national bird.  It can be found in the mountains of the rainforest to the plantations.  Last year I saw it only once so this time around I really enjoyed getting a much closer inspection.  If you're thinking of a quick trip (2 hour flight from Miami) to see some nice tropical birds then I highly suggest giving Puerto Rico a try.  The people are friendly, the rainforest is lush and beautiful, and the birds will delight you.

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