25 April 2012

Okeeheelee Birding

In addition to Great Horned Owls and Cedar Waxwings I also saw both Indigo and Painted Buntings at Okeeheelee. The males are developing some bright plumage these days! While on the trails I also saw my FOTS Chimney Swifts flyover and on the back canal I spied a family of Wood Ducks. You can tell by the way the mother Wood Duck is looking back at me that she wasn't happy that I discovered her little flock. She quickly ushered them away from me but not before I got one decent photo.

Okeeheelee gave me three really great birds for my Bird A Day list.  I'll be back I'm sure to pick up that Brown Thrasher that frequents the feeder and a Pileated Woodpecker later this summer.   Most people visit Okeeheelee and never make it to the back of the park but it's really a hidden gem.  The feeders always have a good bunting show in the fall/winter/spring and the trails always turn up something interesting.

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