27 March 2012

Harvest Time in the Redlands

Most people take the road to Everglades National Park from Homestead and drive right through those farm lands without slowing down for a second look.  Of course, the birders stop though because we know those redlands harbor much sought-after shorebirds during migration.  As I was driving down to Lucky Hammock this week I stopped to watch the farm workers picking crops.  I was curious so I stopped the car and shot a few photos off.  It was a beautiful day with a scorching sun and most of workers had large brimmed hats.  They were picking beans, large containers full of them.  The field after that held large ripe tomatoes.  The one down the road was partially tilled but once had squash.  It's harvest time in the Redlands.  Next time you're driving by take a minute and check out the fruits of the land.

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