07 March 2012

Filming at the Wetlands

This has been a long week so far at Green Cay.  We started Monday morning off with a busy schedule of filming with Channel 20.  They are doing an "Everything Animal" show on the nature center and wetlands.  We filmed in the wetlands and by the nature center.  The photos show you Lori, our naturalist, and the film crew.  Toni was our host and she was great to work with as well as Will, the leader of this filming production.

Once I know when the program is airing I'll put up a link.  I'm glad that we're getting some exposure and certainly it was fun working with a film crew for the first time.

On Tuesday, we headed to Riverbend Park for a volunteer field trip.  I'll have a great write-up on the park and our visit soon.  If you are visiting the Palm Beach area I highly recommend stopping by and taking a bike ride or launching a canoe down the Loxahatchee River.

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