17 February 2012

Short-tailed Hawk

It's not often that you see a Short-tailed Hawk perching but here's one I had the chance to see at eye-level recently at Everglades National Park.  Andy, Rosana, and I were recently searching for a White-tailed Kite down Research Road when on the way back we saw a small dark hawk on the side of the road.  We stopped the car and realized that it was a Short-tailed Hawk.  As we approached it awkwardly flew across the street and perched only 15 feet away.  It seemed very ruffled in the breast area and kind of stunned.  We weren't sure if it was hit by a car or suffered some other ailment but the one thing we did know, it wasn't functioning at 100 percent.  After we snapped a few photos we left it be perched in the tree.  I don't know what happened to this hawk but I hope it survived.

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