06 February 2012

Birding Akumal, Mexico


Akumal, Mexico is a cozy little village on the Yucatan. The "resort" is a hodge podge of little cabanas and a small apartments. I liked the resort since it wasn't over the top and it had a public beach where locals and resort goers both entertained the day. During our stay we made it a habit to walk a nearby road towards Half Moon Bay. Along the way we found many species of orioles, flycatchers, and even a cute Ferruginous Pygmy-owl. I didn't know what to expect spending Christmas in Mexico, but I must say it was both relaxing and rewarding. If you're looking for a great place to unwind, then look no further. Plus, the birds will come to you, with nice views from the beach of Magnificent Frigatebirds and terns. Birding Akumal was a great way to end 2011.


PNeiman said...

I'm heading to the Akumal area in mid March. I have really enjoyed birding in the mangroves north of Puerto Vallarta, but I am completely ignorant of the birding opportunities on this coast. If you have any websites that you would recommend for direction, I would be very appreciative.

Eva Matthews said...

I really couldn't find many websites that were helpful.

My favorite day birding was at Coba, a wonderful place that you can have all to yourself if you arrive when the gates open at 8am.

The birding on the highway as you walk from Akumal towards Half Moon Bay proved very birdy...had great looks at orioles (4 species), cinnamon hummingbird, and many more. I made the walk each morning and added a few birds each day.

Spurwing Plover said...

I have seen Bald Eagles in the wild our Scott Valley here in Northern California is natural habitat for not just eagles but hawks as well