02 February 2012

The baby Bobcats have been entertaining visitors at Green Cay. The above photo was taken this week as 3 of the babies chased each other around near the edge of the wetlands as this one dared climb high in a tree. While everyone was watching and snapping photos of the cute babies the mother provided another highlight. We heard splashing and I turned just in time to see the mother Bobcat pounce on a raft of American Coots. She came up with a clean catch. The bird struggled and she trotted through the water to the forest edge. We turned back to the babies but they were gone. Obviously, they knew dinner was on the way. If you want to see our Bobcats they are easily seen from the deck of the nature center by the restrooms. I think early morning is best but they have been seen throughout the day.


Emily said...

Beautiful photographs!!!

Eva Matthews said...

Thanks! Bobcats are beautiful animals and these are easy to observe.