12 October 2011

Western Massachusetts

Sandy Browne has the cutest cottage in the edge of the woods.  Emily and I were able to spend the weekend with her in her little cottage.  Each morning we woke up to the chill of the air and sound of White-throated Sparrows outside.  We had breakfast on the dock of the little pond and watched as the sun-rays streamed through the autumn foliage.

Em took me to Mt. Holyoke College to relive some of her old college days.  We had a great time wandering around and exploring the various buildings.  Oh, to be young and in college again.  I think I would've had a grand time at Mt. Holyoke.

We spent our weekend between the little cottage and Hartford, CT where the wedding was taking place.  The wedding was perfect and beautiful and one of the prettiest I've seen but the best part of the weekend was spent in the countryside.

On Sunday, Sandy took me to my first ever corn maze AND it was in the shape of Noah Webster's head.  We had loads of fun running around the maze trying to solve word puzzles.  I couldn't have asked for a better first corn maze experience.  The two gorgeous girls below gave me one a-mazing weekend!

After the maze we drank apple cider, petted the little goats, and checked out the pumpkin selection.  We even had the chance to pick out our very own pumpkins to take home.  Unfortunately, we couldn't fit them into our luggage so I hope that Sandy has found them a good home.

Thank you Western Massachusetts for giving me a wonderful weekend full of fall colors, fun friends, and a beautiful wedding.  I miss you already.

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