27 September 2011

Oliver the Owl

Yesterday I posted a photo of our new education Kestrel but if you're visiting Green Cay you shouldn't definitely ask at the front desk if Oliver is out on our perch.  He usually sits behind the desk and delights visitors daily.  We've had Oliver for a couple of years now and he's such a cute guy.  We use him with our nightwalks, our school programs, weekend programs, and outreaches.  He's easy to handle and has quite the personality.  

Oliver was hit by a car and has an amputated wing.  He can never fly again and he was rehabbed at Busch Wildlife Center.  Now he lives at Green Cay and educates the public about birds, nocturnal animals, and human threats on wildlife.  Mostly he's a grumpy little guy but I do find him endearing.  It's a pleasure to work with such a beautiful animal.


Holly said...

Grumpy? Maybe a little vocal and honest about how he feels ...

Anonymous said...

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