22 September 2011

Kayaking with John at John MacArthur State Park

It's funny how when we get older that old sibling rivalries tend to die and instead you end up being good friends.  I like to think that my brother John Charles and I are friends, even if we have different political views.  I won't fault him completely for that, agree to disagree kind of thing.  So it was with great pleasure that he had the chance to come visit me this summer.  It's been too long since he's made the trip and I have lived in 3 different houses since his last time here.  I tried to line up a really fun weekend and we started by a little kayaking at John MacArthur State Park.

The weather seemed daunting but it held off from raining and gave us a beautiful day with blue skies and puffy white clouds.  We kayaked around the mangroves out into the intercoastal.  As we passed under a bridge we cooled in the darkness and then as we paddled towards some small islands we saw a huge school of fish running and jumping out of the water.  It was a nice sight and John headed straight for the fish.  They dove right under his kayak. 

We found our own private beach and took a dip in the murky waters.  We watched boats pass by and dolphins swim in the distance.  In one direction we had mangroves and nature and in the other direction we had the skyline near West Palm Beach.  It was a mixing of worlds. 

Tomorrow I'll have a post up about the second half of his visit.  What do you think we did at night in the Everglades? Come back to find out! 

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